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The never before opened second floor of Pemberton Hall is about to be opened and interpreted to the public for the first time. The finishing touches and details are be completed at this time. (The grand opening to the public will be later in the New Year). It will feature exciting new exhibit spaces. You are invited to get a behind the scenes sneak peek of this important new exhibit room before it is opened to the public.

The year is 1786. Pemberton Hall and the riverside portion of the plantation are owned by Henry Handy. This exciting new exhibit will feature a bed chamber and passage way. It will tell the story of two of Henry and Jane’s sons, Henry age 9 and Thomas age 10 years old. It is the year before their father’s death in 1787. It will provide our visitors with part of a never before told story at Pemberton Hall and Plantation. This bed chamber will convey part of the fascinating “the rest of the story” of Pemberton Hall and of these two grandchildren of Isaac and Anne and what direction life takes for them after their father’s death. It will tell the story of Pemberton Plantation at the very beginning of our new nation.

This (about to be opened to the public) second story bed chamber is fully furnished and exhibits the only original, eighteenth century, in situ ceiling tester frame remaining in the United States. This highly unique feature of Pemberton Hall is one of only three still in existence in the U.S. It has Cheap NFL Jerseys been extensively researched, fully furnished and curtained. The results are outstanding. We invite our members, prospective members and invited guests to get an advance behind the scenes sneak peek of this new exhibit when you join us on January 10 from 2 to 4 pm for Pemberton Hall Foundation’s Twelfth Night open house.

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