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Pemberton Hall Plantation – if buildings could talk – no doubt would have much to say about a topic of great current interest, the Supreme Court.  Isaac Handy of Pemberton Hall Plantation  was one of five commissioners who laid out the town of Salisbury in 1732. He was a leader in the local political climate of the latter 1700s. It is certain he would have been very pleased to welcome to Pemberton Hall one of the Founding Fathers of this nation, and that has almost come to pass.

On Saturday, June 17, 2017 at noon, John Jay, known today as the “Father of the Supreme Court”, will in fact be speaking in the Great Hall of Pemberton Hall. No, not the real one, but Phil Webster, local historical interpreter. Among the many accomplishments of the
“real” Jay was his co-authorship of the Federalist Papers and his appointment as first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Webster will be portraying Jay and highlighting the life of a man of great character, principle and religious conviction.

Admission will be $5 for adults and children will be free.  The house and grounds will be open for tours, as will the History Walking Trail in the Park area.  There is no pre-registration required for this program, but for more information contact Pat Taylor, President of the Pemberton Hall Foundation, by phone 443-235-9616 or email her at

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